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  • Obama Said WHAT?

    Obama Said WHAT?

    Many are up in arms about President Obama using the “N” word during a podcast interview with Marc Maron. The POTUS says, “The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives, you know that casts a long shadow, and that’s not cured of it…and it’s not just a matter of…

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  • Don’t let the negative thoughts stop you from doing your thing

    For those not so great days. It’s gonna get harder before it gets easier, but it will get better. You just have to make it through the hard stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh_darkyC-A

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  • It’s OK to say NO

    Are you a people pleaser? Can’t seem to find yourself saying no to people… if so, well you’re on the right page my friend. But wait… there’s more but you have to keep reading to find out. Once again this week, I found myself in a situation where I said Yes when I really meant…

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  • Oh, you’re playing hard to get?

    Oh, you’re playing hard to get?

    Ever like someone so much to the point in your head you thought you two were dating… yeah we’ve all been there. But how do you begin to move on and get over someone that well… wasn’t even yours to begin with. This is a something that I feel we all can relate to… even…

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  • Words for the soul

    Words for the soul

    Hello Stress, how are you today? Welcome to my life! Make yourself comfortable, I have a feeling you’re going to be here for a while. Ever have one of those days, where you just feel like wow my life sucks.. Like you’re fine, but at the same time you’re not. Your friends ask you if…

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  • The Celibacy Vow

    The Celibacy Vow

    Society now and days has shaped the minds of our generation into thinking that having sex is normal, hooking up is okay and you are free to live your life the way you see fit, but what does it say about celibacy? Now don’t get me wrong, it is your life and I do not…

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  • I Think I Can…I KNOW I Can

    So many times, in life, we limit ourselves for one reason or another. We tell ourselves “no” before we even give someone else a chance to. Why is it that we stop ourselves from reaching our full potential? We tell ourselves, “No, I’m too young,” “No, I’m not smart enough,” “No, I do not have the resources.”…

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  • The “Talking” Stage

    The “Talking” Stage

    Relationships are always tricky. But sometimes the trickiest part can be before you guys even start dating. This is like a preliminary stage. Now what exactly is the “talking” stage? How do you know when you’ve moved on from friends to talking? Well the talking stage is basically the waiting period. You’re getting to know…

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  • Second Chances

    Second Chances

    Second chances can be tricky. The holidays are coming, every one’s feeling lonely. Tis’ the season for ex’s! Yes this is usually when they come back and begin saying they miss you and all that garbage. Now, you have to be smart about this. Always remember the reason for the breakup. Do not just take…

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  • Soulmates


    Everybody believes that a soul mate is who you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with. In some cases that’s not true. Soul mates are painful, they show you parts of yourself that you hadn’t even noticed. The peel off another layer of you, so to speak. This is good, this is what…

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