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  • Professional Women Sports Teams and Other Newly Developed Leagues: A Fan’s Perspective

    There are female sports teams that are engaging in serious competition of full contact sports and wearing overly exposed uniforms leaving less to be desired for the professional sports fan. The Bikini Basketball League and Legend Football League consist of female competitors that bare it all. It was previously reported that former NFL player Deion…

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  • NFL Division Title Champions and Super Bowl XLVII

    Super Bowl XLVII has arrived and the contenders are set. The battle for the championship title happens today at the Mercedes Benz Dome in New Orleans, LA but we’ll get into the Super Bowl matchup later. NFL Division Title Champs First let’s give credit where credit is due giving recognition to the division title champs…

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  • The UnBiased NBA

    Who is the greatest player to ever step foot in the NBA? Who is the greatest Boston Celtic to ever play? Who was supposed to be his replacement? Len Bias, the greatest player to never step foot in the NBA. Most of you have never heard this name in your life and it is a…

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  • NBA Opening Analysis

    NBA tipoff is on Tuesday and the Lakers meet the Mavericks. The Lakers have  completely revamped their team with now six former all-stars on the team. The Mavericks have taken a different approach and are almost on a decline. Things to look for to see if the Lakers are as great in game as on…

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  • Tracy McGrady Retires from the NBA

    Tracy McGrady recently released a letter of his retirement from the National Basketball Association to pursue a career in China. Tracy was drafted in 1996 by the Toronto Raptors. He played in Toronto with his cousin, Vince Carter. They were a dynamic tandem; however McGrady was placed in the shadow of Vince and eventually received…

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  • Atlanta Pro Athletes Continue to Rep Our City

    Atlanta pro sports were rolling this week. Not only did the Falcons remain undefeated (5-0), but the Hawks beat the Miami Heat in a preseason game. Players such as Lebron James and Dwayne Wade only played the first half; however, it was a chance for the Hawks to see how the team would match up…

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  • Preseason

    During the NBA off-season, a lot of teams took major acquisitions and losses. Some of the most known deals are the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Atlanta Hawks. This Sunday will be the first chance to see two of these teams and their altered teams in action. The Atlanta Hawks will have their…

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  • High School Football

    High school football has always been a big deal amongst the students attending the school when a school has a good team in their division but doesn’t realize the talent levels amongst the other schools in the division. I attended an Allatoona High School football game. They recently made the jump from 4A to 5A.…

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  • Recap of First Falcon’s Game

    What do Falcons do? I heard they rise up, and that is exactly what you saw if you were lucky enough to tune into last Sunday’s game from the Dome. The hometown Falcons ran into a few chiefs when they landed home and let’s just say the chiefs are sending warnings in the smoke to…

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  • The Lady Jets

    Of course you’ve heard about the Atlanta Falcons, but have you heard of the Georgia Jets? The Georgia Jets is a football team that competes in the semi-professional league. Cheering them on to victory are the spectacular Lady Jets!  Every member has a genuine passion for dancing. Kavonna, who has been on the team for…

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