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Why You Should Listen to Lianne La Havas

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Since she was a child, this British music sensation has had an affinity for music — a celestial, folk- indie, doo-wop sound that is giving her a boost in the music world. She is Lianne La Havas, a stylish, vocalists and guitarist. Since 2010 she has been signed with Warner Bros. music label, but waited 2 years to develop her music techniques. Her debut album Is Your Love Big Enough? was released in 2012 and received positive reviews from critics, even garnering her minor award nominations. Touring and releasing more music outside of the U.K. at the age of 26, she is shedding light on a different genre of music with her angelic voice juxtaposed with gallant melodies in the background. In her music she speaks through issues of finding peace within one’s self (Check out her song “Lost and Found”), moving on from relationships that were doomed from the beginning (many people can relate with that one), and reaching higher places to fulfill lifetime happiness.

Recently in July, La Havas has released hr second studio album Blood, which like her first album, received positive reviews in general with Rolling Stones’ Joe Levy giving her a 3.5/5 star rating. He offered that La Havas music direction gave “bass, and plenty of it..” Another critic, Jessica Goodman (Entertainment Weekly) complimented La Havas vocals and was surprised with the risks she is taking musically.

What makes her new album even more enjoyable is that she wrote this album on the basis of digging up the roots of her Jamaican heritage (from her mother) that she sought to connect with in the past year. Hence the title Blood, she has also paid homage to her Greek side within the album, and hopes to delve further into both heritages. I believe those who decide to listen to the album Blood will enjoy the neo-reggae sound it offers and the jazzy, doo-wop the beats fill the atmosphere with. As a treat to the ears, I will provide a link to her music video “Unstoppable” at the bottom. It has peaked at number 29 on the U.S. Billboard R&B chart. Enjoy!

Image result for lianne la havas unstoppable       Image result for lianne la havas unstoppable

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