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Celibacy in Hollywood : Russell and Ciara

Yes you read that title correct CELIBACY  in Hollywood who would have thought that. Well Ciara and Russell are taking a vow of celibacy until they get married, this is the most beautiful thing that could have ever happen to Ciara from getting out of a cheating relationship with Future and having a baby by him. It was time for something new for Ciara to date someone new that just wasn’t dating her because of her popularity and fame like future was doing. Someone like Russell Wilson to come along and save Ciara from giving her body to men that just want to have sexual relations with her because of her status and not wanting to get to know the real Ciara not the singer and the performer. Russell Wilson came out sometime ago about him and Ciara taking a Celibacy vow while he was being interviewed by a pastor of his church , Russell asked Ciara what if we took everything off the table and do it Gods way and Ciara was totally down for it. Later on in the interview Russell said ” God spoke to me and said that she was the one for me”, cue the Awwwww . For Ciara to find a man that want to get to know her mentally, physically and emotionally means that their are some good guys that are left out their for us women but are shadowed by the not so good guys like Future that was just honestly into her because of her status and that she’s actually the prettiest women that he’s ever seen in his life have you seen the mother’s of his children? I would have dated Ciara quickly myself but he went about it all wrong he was just looking at her status of and R&B singer that has million of hit records not the Ciara the person. Russell wants to  know the Ciara the person not the Singer and it shows in the way he talks about her and shows her off on Instagram or Twitter, he’s serious about their vow of celibacy they’ve taken together them taking this vow make us younger people view relationships more differently then before, and that its okay to be celibate with your significant other you don’t have to have sexual relations right away you can wait until your married or you can wait a couple months but its nothing wrong with it if you ask me their making taking a vow of celibacy cool and unique.

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