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Bobby Christina in Hospice


It has been reported that Bobby Christina, the only biological child of the late Whitney Houston, has been moved to hospice care. For months we’ve heard controversial the stories of Bobby Christina battling with her health; we’ve heard that she was taken off of life support and was alive and getting better and we’ve also heard that this was not true and her condition never improved, either way this is an extremely sad day for anyone who cares about the Houston family.

As far as the controversy there are many different stories floating around this unfortunate event. In the beginning, Bobby Brown had announced at one of his concerts that his daughter was awake and everyone was relieved that Bobby Christina had another chance at life. Then the Houston family went back and confirmed this as untrue and that her condition had not improved. Then, Bobby Brown’s sister went on a Facebook rant stating that Pat Houston was scheming for Bobby Christina’s estate money and that Bobby Christina and her mother did not get along with her and requested that she not be in the hospital room. She added that Pat told them to go ahead and allow Bobby Christina to pass because it was too expensive to keep her alive. She said there were some flaky things going on behind the scenes and that she was going to go on an unedited radio show for free to spill all of the tea. Read it here:


In Pat’s defense, it probably is too expensive and unfair to keep Bobby Christina alive if she’s a vegetable. And it’s not news to me that she and Whitney did not get along with her because she was attempting to get them off of the harsh drugs they were using. Then recently the story broke that before Bobby Christina’s death she and her husband Nick had gotten into an argument that got physical which led her to the bathtub in the first place. This is way too much to handle.

I certainly don’y know what to believe but I will say that I hope none of the rumors are true. If it’s time for Bobby Christina to go then so be it, but she definitely doesn’t deserve the family drama at this particular time. It is devastating that her death was so close and so similar to the way her mother passed away and hopefully this will be a wake up call to all of those who use drugs (if this is for certain the way that she died). My prayers go out to the Brown and Houston family and I pray Bobby Christina goes to her mother in heaven in peace.

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