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‘Cause Kendall, Now We’ve Got Bad Blood

Girl Code: Can’t live with it and you can’t live without it. In the world of celebrities, this is supposed to be an understood principle among girls–right? According to Taylor Swift, beloved model Kendall Jenner needs to learn a few pointers about who to date and who to stay away from.

T-Swift and former boyfriend Harry Styles

Sources claim that this has been the biggest issue between the two, after her split with Harry in 2013. Kendall and Harry had a short fling, but Taylor is still waiting for an apology.

Don’t hold your breath, girl.

It is to be believed that   Kendall thinks of Taylor to be “a control freak,” who “plays people against each other.” Ouch.

This goes further than just girl code violation–Kendall tharrykendallurned down the chance to be in T-Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, because of her personal dislike for the newly turned pop star.

Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes…but can it protect against the shade Kendall threw at Taylor?

In hopes of uncovering the beginning of the two’s friendship, there was no discovery of the girl’s even being photographed together! So how close are you? It does not appear that “friends” would even be the correct terminology to describe any past relationship Taylor thought they had.

But is anyone mad at Harry? *crickets* I guess not.

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-Kenya Parks (Twitter and Instagram)

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