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Orange Is The New Black Review


Season 3 of OITNB came a day early and I, along with everyone else, spent my entire weekend watching all 13 episodes in their entirety. I can’t get enough of Piper and the inmates and this season was obviously a season to dwell on the past. Many of the fans were curious pf some of the inmates stories on how they ended up in prison to begin with and this season answered all of those questions. We met more of their family members and loved ones and we found out why some of them act the way they do. The season started out kind of slow but picked up quickly and the drama at the end will have you glued to your screen.

Here’s a subtle summary of what happens that hopefully doesn’t spoil it too much but entices more people to watch it. I’ll just briefly go through the characters. Piper ended up completely involving herself in the prison lifestyle; she is reunited with her ex, has her eye on someone new at the same time, enters some illegal business within those walls, and she starts getting revenge on those who tried her. She ended the season being a total badass that you’ll either love or hate. Alex gets caught up in some mess and returns to prison to rekindle the fire with Piper and jump on an emotional roller coaster with her over and over again during her attempts to support her even through her bad decisions. Suzane “Crazy Eyes” grows from being a loner to finally being accepted by the other inmates for her hidden talent. Nicky makes a huge mistake she’ll regret for the rest of her life.We are invited into Tiffany’s past and it comes back to haunt her. Red is faced with the hard truth from her family but she also gets the opportunity to get back to her old grind. Taystee taps into her motherly instincts. We find out “P” has a horrible addiction that strays her away for while. Daya gives birth to her baby and after some arguing decides on who is going to care for the baby after its birth. Morello struggles to find love with a man behind bars. Gloria is faced with the bad decisions her children have made since she’s been gone. Sophia struggles with raising her son and gets into some disagreements. Tsotso finally finds somewhere to fit in. The beautiful model Ruby Rose is introduced as a new character and seduces an unexpected inmate. Caputo struggles with power. And there are more characters where that came from.

If you haven’t seen it already, snag your boyfriends Netflix password and take a chance on it. Each episode is about 45 minutes with the finale being a little over an hour and you can watch it on your own time. It’s not a chick show so you can watch it with your significant other or a mature family member but I wouldn’t recommend it with a mom or children because there is definitely some profanity, sex, and nudity. This season was just as satisfying as the others leaving us with a cliff hanger that guarantees that next season is going to be awesome.

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