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OITNB Returns Friday!


My favorite Netflix series, Orange is the New Black, is coming back this Friday and I can’t wait! All of your favorite characters from Piper to Crazy Eyes to Daya and the list goes on are coming back with a vengeance. The first episode’s title is “It’s the Great Blumpkin, Charlie Brown”. Perhaps a Thanksgiving episode? Whatever it is, I’m ready. Here’s the trailer:

If you haven’t heard of the show here’s a brief description without too many spoilers; The show revolves around Piper Chapman who fell in love with criminal once upon a time. Once the charges were decided on her partner’s fate, she was connected to it and ended up in jail. At first, during the first season she had many struggles fitting in and finding friends while trying to serve her time. She dealt with issues with her fiance, her cell mates, and even the officers over her. Towards the end she finally got the hang of things. During the second season she had the opportunity to go to court and try to defend herself and she ended up messing up again and ended back where she started. The season ended amazingly and had all of the fans wanting more.

If you don’t already have Netflix, now may be a good time to get it. You’ve got a few days to indulge in the past two seasons and get your life. The show has such high ratings, so many award nominations, and such a strong following, how could you not watch it? I plan on spending my entire Friday gorging the entire season, even if it means losing sleep and I’ll give you guys the review Monday. So get your popcorn and take off of work Friday because Orange is the New Black is back!

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