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Steph Curry’s Daughter: Cute or Cutting Up?


Riley Curry has became an overnight sensation after her first performance during Daddy Steph Curry’s press conference on May 19th. And now she’s at it again! Yesterday she let the world know who’s running the Curry household!

The first time we were introduced to little Riley we immediately learned that she was not camera shy nor does she have stage fright. She yawned loudly, told her dad which side of his lap she wanted to sit on, told her dad to be quiet, and then waved to the cameras. She was reportedly crawling underneath the table as well. Many of the attendees were frustrated with Riley saying she was a distraction and a nuisance. My initial thought was, “Hey, it was probably her first time in front of people like this and she got excited.” I thought she was adorable. If you haven’t see her, here’s a clip:

Now the second time even her father said into the mic, “She’s too comfortable”, and indeed she was. This time she took it up a notch by walking while the curtains were over her head, yawning louder and proceeding to lay down,  giving her gum to what appears to be an employee, and grabbing the mic while singing Big Sean and Drake’s hit “Blessed” …twice. Drake even posted a clip of her singing it on his Instagram page. Steph Curry tried to release her but she found her way back to the center stage. Again, the people there complained and now I’m kind of seeing where they’re coming from. Here’s the video of that one:

Now the question is, is Riley a bad child or is she just being a kid? I looked at it from both sides. First of all, the girl is only 2 years old…what 2-year-old is going to hold still for that long? 2-year-old’s don’t have great attention spans and they’re very difficult to control. No one can predict what they may do. She’s probably a princess and is given everything her heart desires. Obviously her dad is completely smitten with her and has accepted her ways.

On the flip side, I have a younger sister and when she was that age my dad NEVER allowed her to conduct herself in that manner. Many parents on social media were concerned if the child is being disciplined at all. Steph didn’t really try to take control of the child once she started acting up. She’s cute, but is she too cute for a spanking? Maybe she’s a bit spoiled. The first time may have been a fail but something should have changed the second time around.

Perhaps the best solution is to stop bringing the toddler to press conferences. That way the Curry family can raise their child as they please and nobody would be worried about her. (Not that Steph is worried because he doesn’t seem to care.) She’s clearly not shy at all, so they could channel her energy into doing some commercials or something. Use that gift for something positive and give her something to do. She doesn’t seem interested in being there anyways. Plus, during the press conference I didn’t pay attention to anything Steph Curry was saying because I was gawking over Riley. Steph Curry, if you care anything about your press conferences I would say leave your precious angel at home and spoil her all day if you please.

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