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Grow Up Chris Brown!


Christopher just can’t seem to stay out of trouble these days, even after becoming a father overnight to the most angelic celebrity baby we’ve seen in a while. Karrueche finally got the uterus to let the guy go and obviously Chris isn’t ready to do the same. Karrueche happened to meet up with the handsome model Tyson Beckford and all of a sudden Chris is back to his old ways.

Keep in mind that this is not Chris’ first oopsie since baby Royalty. He was in an alleged altercation with a young man at a hotel during a basketball game who pressed charges not too long ago. The guy ironically dropped the charges out of nowhere (which means Chris probably dropped that check to shut him up but who asked me?)

Anywho, Breezy is back at it again when he happened to breeze by a picture of his ex…lemme repeat that…EX Karrueche Tran. Apparently the two posted a friendly and platonic picture together on social media and Breezy got wind of it. He then began to make Twitter threats at Beckford saying, “U wanna keep walking them runways. I need ta legs for that”; which is grammatically incorrectly saying that he would hurt his legs, I suppose. The last thing Chris needs to be doing is making threats since he’s already under watch by the law.

Need we not forget that Karrueche is not his girl anymore. Maybe they’re secretly dating on the side or something but it seems to me that Karrueche is FINALLY trying to move on. She hasn’t been posting about him and she hasn’t been caught with him lately. She’s been having fun and hanging out with friends. I predict that she will go back to Chris though and the reason I say that is because she didn’t seem like she was completely done with him during the Iyanla Vanzant interview. I say she should bang Beckford just to piss Chris off but, hey, that’s just me.

Beckford is not the only celeb to receive threats by Chris Brown. Drake was another one who has been through it as well. Is this all a publicity thing? It’s not like Drake or Tyson need it. Tyson shouldn’t have responded at all but I’m kind of glad he did for the sake of the tea.

Tyson isn’t bothered. He posted a video of him shooting at a gun range and video as well to say he isn’t shaking in his boots. I guess Tyson ain’t the pretty boy everyone thinks he is. Has Chris Brown finally met his match?

Baby Mama

Well, it doesn’t matter because Chris has bigger fish to fry; like baby Mama drama. Apparently Nia Guzman is asking for more money and Chris thinks she’s money hungry. Now he’s probably going to be dragged to court, yet again, if it was up to her. He’s got other things to be worried about than what Karrueche’s single ass is doing.

Where is Chris’ publicist when we need him? At this point Chris has a career and a child to worry about, so, either his publicist needs to put his foot down or he needs to fire this one or hire a new one who can because this publicist ain’t doing his job. What? Is he scared of Chris or something? In fact, Chris should allow the publicist to make ALL social media posts for him because he hasn’t gotten his life together yet or else he is going to continue to be in a world of trouble. I guess he won’t learn until those fans stop buying his music and showing up to those concerts. Otherwise, Chris will never learn and he’ll continue to keep doing what he’s doing.

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