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Billboard Awards 2015 Highlights: Who Slayed– While Others Shamed?

So the Billboard Awards showed its face to millions of television screens on May 17, 2015 of last week. First, what are the #BBMA’s?bbma

Simply a musical honor granted by Billboard, a publication and music popularity chart which covers the music business.

Countless celebrities were at this event–showing their fashion successes or mishaps, performing, presenting…or just sitting in the crowd.

Whatever the case, it was very evident which celebs #slayed–while others #shamed.

Let’s begin with our review of the BBMA’s biggest highlights and letdowns.

Taylor brings home SEVEN awards at this year’s BBMA’s!

Taylor Swift #slays with her Bad Blood music video premiere at the beginning of the show–while also taking home seven awards. Yes, SEVEN awards. But should this really be too surprising? We all know when Taylor shows up, the competition is blown away.

Chrissy Teign and Ludacris hosting the BBMA’s May 17, 2017

Of course, there can be no award show without a host–right? Well, most would say yes, however; when the person selected goes overboard…one is left to wonder if no one else was available for the job.

Co-host Ludacris shared a similar expression with the audience since many were unamused by the “comedic” tactics of Chrissy Teigen that evening.  Chrissy #shamed by reminding the audience numerous times that her husband is indeed, John Legend, and she deserved to be onstage for “banging a musician.” *Insert awkward applaud here*

Let’s brighten the mood with some more #slays, shall we?

Nick Jonas–need we say more? Nick Jonas has been killing the game with his uprising success as a solo artist this year and we offer our full support, go Nick! Sorry, regaining focus. Vice City, bright lights and neon colors met the BBMA stage when Nick Jonas performed his hit single “Jealous.” He rocked the stage with the upbeat song and #slayed with his falsetto notes–thank you, Nick, thank you.

Check out the performance for yourself!

Speaking of performances…is lip-syncing still in style? If so, Iggy and Britney Spears are bringing it back! Just kidding–lip-syncing should never be brought back. These two #shamed when lip-syncing the entire performance of Britney’s new single “Pretty Girls.” At least this ruled out any room for vocal mistakes–right?

One Direction brought the #slay back when shouting out their “brother Zayn,” during their acceptance speech for one of their wins–as a foursome. So sweet, right? Some will agree to disagree–but Liam’s efforts were certainly noted.

Liam mentions “our brother, Zayn” during speech.

You thought we were going to end this with another #shame right? No, no. We will wrap this up with two more #slays of that evening–YouTube rising star, Tori Kelly’s performance of “Ain’t Nobody Love” and Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth’s emotional performance of “See You Again.”

No words could describe both of these performances, but we will try our best. Be sure to view these performances for yourself below!

Tori Kelly boldly, yet excellently, performed her single acoustic with her guitar–and KILLED it. She definitely showed the BBMA’s how hard she worked to get where she is, with raw talent.

Ludacris and Tyrese paid their respects to Paul Walker, as they introduce the performance of  “See You Again.” Charlie Puth, who was also discovered from YouTube, played the piano alongside Wiz Khalifa during this heart-warming performance.

Until the next awards, we have enjoyed reviewing the #slays and #shames of that evening.

What did you think of the Billboard Music Awards? Leave your comments below!

-Kenya Parks

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