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Billboard Awards Fashion Rights and Wrongs

There were some fashion “yassssses” and “no-nos” at the Billboard Awards Red Carpet this year and I’ll tell you all about it. I’m picking out the 5 best and 5 worst red carpet outfits and I’m giving it to you real straight.

Let’s start with the no-nos in order from the bad to the worst:

5. Kylie Jenner


Not surprises to see Kardashian/Jenner breed make the list. Maybe she didn’t get booed for being her, perhaps it was because of her outfit.

4. Iggy Azalea


Where do I even begin with this chick? I thought the hair was cute until she tried to mix it with a light blue two-piece. I could have appreciated it more if she’d wore something to bring out the red or pink of her hair but this outfit was serving all kinds of tacky.

3. Hailee Steinfield


To me, you can never go wrong with a Givenvchy outfit but this young lady chose the wrong look. It’s not cohesive with her body and the dress is just plain unflattering. Maybe next year Hailee.

2. Britney Spears


Britney put in all this work to get her body back so she could slay in Vegas just to cover it all up? Yuck! This outfit was a no. It didn’t compliment her in any way.

1. Header Dencia


Everything about this outfit is a mistake. Who designed this? Skittles? This whole get-up was a complete no ma’am. I guess all publicity is good publicity in her eyes.

Now for the best dressed from good to great:

5. Zendaya


I have the hugest girl crush on Zendaya because she does edgy right. Whoever dresses her…I want a piece. She is the only one who could pull off this outfit and I loved her in it.

4. Taylor Swift


She kept it simple but she still didn’t look like anyone else. White is trendy in so many seasons and the jumper with the bob was absolutely beautiful. She got it right.

3. Chrissy Teigen


Well, she’s a model so what do expect? Everything she wore Sunday night was beautiful. She’s got a great stylist. The black and white outfit was probably my fav.

2. Chris Brown

Chris Royalty

This red suit was everything; it was sharp, it was snazzy, it was spiffy. He should have worn it on the red carpet but we’ll give him a pass since Royalty was enough of a fashion statement.

1. J-Lo

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block said “Yea, I’m 40. And what? You wish!” She never ceases to show skin in all the right places. That “big big booty” was plump, the boobs were siting high, and she was turning every head on the carpet.

Well, every red carpet has the good, the bad, and the ugly and hopefully this gave you a taste of it if you missed it. Do you agree? Comment below.

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