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Raven Symone Strikes Again


First it was being an African American and now this? Why won’t Raven Symone get a clue? Well, I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion, but one must be prepared for the backfire if the majority do not agree, especially when it comes to race issues. I’m not sure if this is a publicity thing or what but if her goal is to continuously stir up controversy then she is on a ROLL!

While all of the black folks were celebrating the fact that we got a black face on a 20 dollar bill period, Raven was shaking her head in The View’s chair. Harriet Tubman was voted over Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and others to be the face of the new 20 dollar bill. Tubman was responsible for safely setting free many slaves through the Underground Railroad and because of that, who wouldn’t agree that she was very deserving of the twenty? Raven didn’t agree; she says “I don’t like that idea” stating that Rosa Parks would be a better choice. She believes that Parks’ beliefs represent the more forward progression of racism that applies to the now rather than being constantly reminded of slavery by Harriet Tubman’s face. Smh…here we go again.

First of all, can we first celebrate that we are getting a woman on the 20 dollar bill because that’s already a mile stone? Not only are we getting a woman, we are getting a BLACK woman who was caring enough to help others free themselves from the whips, chains, and labor of slavery. It’s not going back, it’s a beautiful reminder of where we, black people (because Raven, you ARE black too), have come from and how far we’ve come today. We should be celebrating that she is being celebrated, right? This is the beginning! Who could be next? Martin Luther King Jr.? President Obama? African Americans are finally being celebrated in this country for a change; let’s not forgot that part. Not saying Rosa Parks wouldn’t be a great candidate, but she wasn’t chosen by vote so chill girl.

Just as a reminder, Raven also said to Oprah previously that she doesn’t want to be referred to as an African American, but an American and that statement had people up in arms before. Not to mention that she thought it wasn’t that offensive to refer to First Lady Michelle Obama as an ape as well. So, no surprise that she wouldn’t be happy about Harriet Tubman being on the new bills. Whatever, all I have to say is, yea, this is a free country Rae, but just be prepared for the backlash from like….every black person ever. If were her, I would chill out on the controversial race conversations if I wanted to keep my job on Empire, but, hey, who asked me?

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