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My Neck, My–Wait…Miley is that You?

Miley performing at the Adult Swim Party May 14, 2015

As if she couldn’t turn any more heads, Miley Cyrus was spotted covering a raunchy version of Khia’s throwback single, “My Neck, My Back” yesterday night in NYC during the Adult Swim Party.

The X-rated pop star had no worries as she performed in nothing but tights and a pretty awesome set of butterfly wings. She made sure the audience was more than engaged when demanding they put down their phones and “turn up”–well that was the appropriate translation of her message.

This has been one of the most recent performances since wrapping up her incredibly successful Bangerz tour more than six months ago.

Khia thanks Miley for performing her song

The original artist of the song, Khia, commended Miley in a tweet for performing the song to her liking.

Getting the seal of approval, Miley is sure to keep spontaneously surprising fans with performances such as these, as her success continues to rise.

Of course, I won’t leave you hanging–check out the performance here!

(Viewer Discretion is Advised)

-Kenya Parks

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