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Death toll reaches seven in Amtrak train crash

At least seven people are dead, and dozens are injured after the Amtrak train that was headed to New York, ran off the rails shortly after 9p.m. yesterday. Federal investigators said, the train was going 106 mph on a 50 mph speed limit before it ran off the rails along a sharp curve.

“The engineer at the controls applied the emergency brakes moments before the deadly crash but managed to slow the train to only 102 mph when the locomotive’s black box stopped recording data”, said Robert Sumwalt of the National Transportation Safety Board. Amtrak inspected the stretch of track on Tuesday, just hours before the accident, and found no defects, according to the Federal Railroad Administration.

All services from Philadelphia to New York are suspended until further notice. This forced thousands of travelers to look for other ways for transportation as investigators searched and examined the wreckage.

“Our mission is to find out not only what happened but why it happened, so that we can prevent it from happening again”, Sumwalt said. This was the nation’s deadliest train accident in nearly seven years.

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