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The Real Houseflies of Atlanta Recap

PorshRHOA 1 Skorp 2 Skorp

The reunion of the 7th season of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” was certainly an emotional roller coaster. Receipts were read, tears were shed, and teas were clocked; this reunion was nothing short of what all of the fans expected.

Part 3 started with a focus on Todd and Kandi’s sex life, or sexless life, I should say. The couple claimed that their marriage has actually improved since the season was shot. A fan asked about the death of Todd’s mother and wanted to know if there was any resentment in the relationship from unspoken apologies, but both Kandi and Todd assured everyone that the loss made them stronger and their marriage is on the right track. All I know is, I’ll be tuning in for “Kandi’s Ski Trip” special to catch up on the real tea…from Riley, not Kandi.

I thought they had taken Porsha William’s peach last season for dragging Kenya on the floor but, low and behold, there she sat on the couch with her Winter tree dress on as if she had never left. She decided to let her body free and buy a new pair of “girls” to go with it and she never plans on making amends with her coworker Claudia.

Claudia’s story line on the show is still confusing to me but as far as her focus, it was more so on her relationship with the infamous NeNe Leakes. Claudia and her short bob couldn’t resist constantly throwing tons of shade NeNe’s way throughout the entire show. She claimed to have felt some type of way about the fact that NeNe never sincerely apologized for making fun of her and that honestly, she didn’t want an apology anyways. NeNe spit out what she thought was an apology but Claudia didn’t receive it and that was that.

Even though I thought Kenya and Phaedra had repaired their broken acquaintance-ship but apparently not. Kenya explained how she was still confused about why Phaedra was still upset with her. Also, Kenya tried to throw NeNe under the bus by saying that NeNe was just as flirtatious with Peter as she was with Apollo. NeNe and her husband thought not.

Phaedra ended up with the most difficult season out of all of the girls because her husband went to jail,she lost her good friend Kandi, became a single mother with confused toddlers, and then had to deal with the drama amongst the girls. She had moved on from her issues with Kenya but still refuses to start fresh because she still believes Kenya was too flirtatious with her husband.

Cynthia grew a pair this season and this reunion by speaking her mind more often. I’m over her and NeNe’s breakup and I think anyone with a brain could see that they’re clearly not friends anymore but of course Andy just had to ask of their status. Cynthia claims she cares about NeNe and wishes to be cordial.

Speaking of NeNe, she had some sort of break through during Part 3. The ladies all discussed what happened at the counseling session NeNe herself planned just to storm out of. Even Dr. Jeff showed up to mediate the discussion. Everyone wanted NeNe to explain herself and Mrs. Leakes went on to explain her abandonment issues.  Dr. Jeff told the ladies that he knew of NeNe’s problems and wanted her to tell them during the session. NeNe went from exposing “NaeNae” to having an emotional breakdown and of course her new friends Porsha and Phaedra and one old one, Cynthia, came to her rescue. Kandi and Claudia were hilariously unbothered. Many fans expressed through Twitter their sympathy for NeNe. YouTube vlogger @TheSkorpion tweeted: “If nobody feels sorry for NeNe right now, you are stone cold”. Others felt Kandi and Claudia’s confusions like YouTube comedian and Podcast host @Kid Fury, who said: “ Why does everyone have to caress this ***** when she doesn’t give a **** about a single one of them?” I have to side with Kid Fury, I may be “stone cold” but if Cynthia would have broken down, I predict NeNe would be down in her seat. But ain’t nobody ask me.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed all three parts of the reunion and all of the shade that came with it. I will definitely be watching the next season as long as these ladies keep me entertained. Stay tuned for the recap and review of Kandi’s Ski Trip!

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