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Staying Enrolled


So, you’ve gotten your acceptance letter into the college of your choice. You’ve followed all of the steps required for admissions, financial aid, and you’ve completed the registration process.  A college campus is a new environment, you’re on your own. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, but what do you do? You’re an incoming freshman or maybe a transfer student and you’re surrounded by people you currently do not know.  The first day of class arrives and you walk into your first class thinking one of two things, “what have I gotten myself into?” or “this is going to be a breeze”. These are two thoughts that could possibly lead to two completely different outcomes.  So, where can things go wrong? Well, when you lose sight of the reason why you’re in college. Your biggest hurdle in college will be staying enrolled.  What’s your next hurdle?  Staying enrolled.

Every year over a million students enter college. Many of them are the first of their families to attend. With the freedom to do whatever you choose, the family back home and the challenges school to think about, it’s very easy to get distracted.  How do you avoid the mistakes that many others have made in the past and withdraw or be dropped like them?

It is a challenge; however you can prepare yourself to meet the challenge head on.  Here are 8 tips that can help you stay enrolled and successfully complete the requirements for your program.

  1. Have a good support team. Family, professors, mentors, friends, and neighbors can all contribute to a college student’s collegiate success, even if a member of the support team never graduated from a college or high school. It is the motivation and the message that inspires the student.
  2. Having and showing discipline are two of the most important traits any student can possess. This will ensure that your mind is on track and you are getting the important things done first. Prioritize first, have fun later.
  3. As students, there will be days where you want to go to class, eat, sleep, and have the rest of the day off, but college does not work that way. Studying is an essential skill that will prove to be beneficial to your collegiate career. You may not have to pick up a book every day to study, but by all means, do pick up a book. If you find that you’re dealing with a challenging course, seek help from a tutor.
  4. Tutoring will help you understand areas that are confusing. There will be easy classes and there will be hard classes, but the important part is getting the proper help that you need as soon as you realize that you may need assistance. If a particular class is difficult, seek help and assistance from a tutor who can further assist you in that subject area.
  5. Do your work on time or ahead of time. This cannot be stressed enough. Many students complain about receiving failing grades, but they do very little or sometimes nothing to improve them. Help is everywhere on campus, you just have to know where to look.
  6. Utilize campus resources. Most campuses provide students with useful materials that will enhance their college experience. There are libraries, student centers, programs, groups, websites, labs, and people who are readily available to assist you. Familiarize yourself with these resources upon arrival so that you will know where to get assistance.
  7. Get involved. Participation along with strong academics makes for a successful college experience. Most colleges have extracurricular activities such as (choir, band, athletics, Greek life, clubs, and programs) that will keep you busy and engaged with your peers. This is a good way for you to network, meet new friends, have fun, and ultimately find what you like to do.
  8. Most importantly, you want to keep your future in mind. Think positive at all times. You focus should be on graduation. Yes, others will want more, but for the most part, keep your mind on why you’re in college in the first place. Your actions while here will determine your future.

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