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The “Talking” Stage

Relationships are always tricky. But sometimes the trickiest part can be before you guys even start dating. This is like a preliminary stage. Now what exactly is the “talking” stage? How do you know when you’ve moved on from friends to talking? Well the talking stage is basically the waiting period. You’re getting to know each other and pretty much feeling each other out. Usually this is the stage where your friends and close family know you’re a thing but the whole world doesn’t yet. You may call each other cute names like babe or baby, but you’re not official. You’re establishing feelings for each other. This is when “We’re just talking” becomes a big part of your vocabulary.

You guys are still having fun and going out on occasional dates but it’s like the middle stage. This stage may last a couple weeks or a couple months. You start letting your guard down a little bit more with this person, it’s like pre dating. Essentially you’re more than friends but less than a couple.

“We’re talking” can translate into “We’re not together but we might be in the near future”. The concept can be a really good thing or a really bad thing. It’s a good thing because you get to know each other a little better without jumping straight into a relationship. It can also be a bad thing when the guy just drags it out for months. I say if he hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend within 3 months you need to have a talk with him.

“When do you move into the talking stage?” Well usually the talking stage includes texting and calling every day. Also my personal favorite, facetiming. As well as occasional dates and hook ups. At this point you’ve entered the talking phase.

If the person you’re with can’t decide what they want, or just drags out this stage then you don’t need the. The one who is gonna stick around will stay no matter what. So yes, this stage is great. Also remember that you’re not just gonna sit here on an emotional rollercoaster with this person.

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