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Second Chances

Second chances can be tricky. The holidays are coming, every one’s feeling lonely. Tis’ the season for ex’s! Yes this is usually when they come back and begin saying they miss you and all that garbage. Now, you have to be smart about this. Always remember the reason for the breakup. Do not just take them back right away! Make sure they didn’t hit you up just because they’re lonely for the holidays.

Now think about it, do they really deserve a second chance? Personally, I always give too many chances to the wrong people. Really think about it, and not just because you’re lonely. Do you even have these feelings for them anymore? That’s extremely important.

Let’s say you decide that they deserve a second chance, let them know that this is the only chance they’re getting. Don’t let there be a third, fourth, or even fifth chance. This is it. If they mess this up they will not receive any more chances. Don’t let them believe you’re just going to give them a million chances.

Trust with your heart, not with your head. Don’t get played during the holidays. Be smart.

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