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In case you missed it, Beyoncé broke the internet AGAIN. Two weeks ago, the Queen Bey released a music for her new song called ‘7/11.’ This track is part the platinum re-release of her self-titled album, which includes the 14 original songs plus six new ones. The song is unlike anything that Mrs. Carter has ever made before; it’s a fun, bubbly track with lyrics that don’t quite make sense:

“Ooh wee be-be freaky deaky
Think me see she pink bikini
Rock that groovy dye dashiki
Nefertiti, edges kinky.”

…what? As silly as the actual song is, the video is even sillier. We see Blue Ivy’s mama and her crew of dancers turning up in a hotel. There is dancing, drinking (and yes, in case you were wondering, Beyoncé does drink dark liquor!), and even a twerk session from Her Creole Highness.

beybey twerk

Basically, ‘7/11’ is the best song for you and your homies to kick it to during girl’s night. We love it! The original video already has over 48 million views and has already inspired some great comedic interpretations. Check out Youtube sensation Todrick Hall’s fun version here.

It’s fun being the Queen.


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