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Kim “Breaks the Internet”…Again

KKface(rgb)-censored-72dpi-thumb-700x950-128590I know we’ve all seen the infamous Kim Kardashian pictures where she bares it ALL! She recently did a photo shoot for Paper Magazine, an art and fashion publication, that displays her in a way that we are all too familiar with…nude. Now if you’re a big fan of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” like I am, you might recall an episode from an earlier season where an embarrassed Kim sobbed about her sex tape with singer Ray-J being leaked. She stated that she did not want people to think that she was only good for being naked. Am I the only one that sees a contradiction in that last sentence? Kim K. has taken numerous racy photos since that episode aired. In fact, no one is really surprised that she did the shoot for Paper Magazine.kim-kardashian-paper-cover

Here’s what surprises people. North West. You would think that Kim becoming a mother would put a stop to how she presents herself to the world. Obviously not. In this photo shoot, she displayed EVERYTHING, including her front-side. In my opinion, no mother should take such photos being that now you have a little one that looks up to you. I don’t know about North, but I would be embarrassed to see nude photos of my mom when I became older. Bottom line is, no matter how large the check is (some even FullSizeRenderspeculate that there was no check…), you should never degrade yourself like this especially when you have a child who will see everything when they grow up. Come on Kim; it’s time to grow up. Be a mom, not a sex symbol.

Michaela C., Associate Editor

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