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The Perks of Being a Daddy’s Girl

There are many benefits of being a “Daddy’s Girl.” While many of the benefits are long-term emotional and psychological, there are also some ‘fun’ perks to being the center of your father’s attention. To all of the Daddy’s Girls out there, do any of these perks sound familiar?

1.) The Royal Treatment

You could do no wrong in his eyes, and because he loves you so much, he worked hard and made sure you had the best of everything. Even though he had a heavy workload, he always made time to give you a ‘piggie-back ride’ or read you a bed time story. When you got older, he let you drive his car when you wanted right after you got your driver’s license, and didn’t even get mad when you scraped the paint off of it. Let’s not forget about the time you faked sick and needed a note to give to your teacher, OR the time when something was wrong with your bathroom sink and he was the one who spent hours trying to fix it. Anything for his Princess, right? 🙂

2.) A Friend

There’s just something about the unbreakable bond between a Daddy’s Girl and her father. You feel like you can tell him everything, and you can count on him to give you sound, logical advice for your problems, especially when it comes to boys. Daddy is the only one who understands the fun in catching frogs, the team work in persuading Mom to let you stay up ’til midnight and the joy of watching your favorite football team score a touchdown. He also knows how fun tea parties can be, why Susan and Tim aren’t dating anymore, and he didn’t mind tagging along while you shopped for your Prom dress. Hanging out with your father is always priceless.

3.) A Hero

Whether the boogie man is hiding under your bed, or you have a really bad headache, Super Dad is always to the rescue. When you scraped your knee on the playground, he helped you clean it up. If you got sick, he nursed you back to health. If something serious occurred, he raised H-E-Double Hockey Sticks to make things right in your world. All he wants is for you to be safe and happy (which is why he will give all of your suitors a hard time). You are his most prized possession and he will protect you at all costs.

What are some of your most fond memories of being a Daddy’s Girl?

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