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Fashion Trend Alert : OVERALLS

One of the hottest fashion trends of late summer and early fall has been the return of overalls. Overalls were originally made for farmers and mechanics. In the early 80’s girls began wearing them as a fashion statement. They’re extremely easy to pair with anything! In the 90’s they began cropping the original overalls to the shorts. This style however didn’t really catch on and the trend faded out.

As many old trends this one came back in the summer. It was an easy look or just about anything. You could dress it up with a pair of heels or dress it down. Many celebrities have followed this trend as seen here in this picture of Rhianna.


This is personally one of my favorite trends just because of how easy and laid back it is. It is very versatile and can also look very grunge with the right pieces. tough-girl-fall-fashion-lehappy



The cropped version of these, although not popular back then, have been seen numerous times by different celebrities. This look was very popular this summer, typically with a crop top underneath.


This has also easily transitioned into fall and can be worn even with a blazer as shown here.

blazer with overall

Typically this style can be worn by anyone. They’re also a great alternative to the normal denim look. Overalls can usually be found almost anywhere. My favorite stores are probably h&m and also forever 21.


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