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Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Breaking up is difficult. Moving on is even harder. But what happens when weeks after your breakup your ex texts you again? Do you still feel those butterflies? He’s might tell you he misses you. I know, you want to believe them. Part of you is still holding back and that’s okay.

Sometimes he doesn’t make it this obvious he wants you back though. Boys, although they say they are, aren’t really as straight forward as they should be.

They’ll say a million things but that doesn’t mean you should always believe them. They love playing games and hate looking vulnerable. Here’s a couple ways to tell if he’s still into you:

     1. The Push/Pull: first they tell you they still wanna be friends. You guys talk every day and slowly you start letting them back in. Then all of sudden they push you away and don’t talk to you for weeks. He comes back with an excuse about why he left and pulls you closer to him again.

What it means: This means he’s still confused. He knows deep down that he still loves you but he’s too busy denying it. He comes in and out of your life because he wants you back but is still thinking about the reason you guys broke up in the first place. But remember this saying, “Indecision is a decision”. Don’t stick around and be his second option or back up plan.

     2. He hasn’t given your stuff back: if you left things at his house and he still hasn’t given them back, this is a sign. He most likely has a reason for holding on to it.

         What it means: He misses you. It’s quite simple, he feels like this would be the real end to it. He doesn’t wanna cut off everything with you completely because he still loves you.

     3. He still checks up on you: if he text’s you every once in while just to see how you are, he still cares. If he contacts your friends or family to see how you are, he still cares. Even if he looks through your social media, he still cares.

What it means: he’s still checking up on you because he wants to know, maybe if you’re seeing anyone or if you miss him. The fact that he’s checking up on you means he’s thinking about you. By this point he might have even realized he wants you back but doesn’t know how to go about it.

     4. He gets angry when you’re with other guys: if he’s texting you asking why you were hanging out with a certain person it means they’re jealous. If they bring it up and ask you who that person is, they’re jealous. Ex’s can become stalkers really quickly if they still want you back. He could be checking on your Instagram just to see who you’re hanging out with.

What it means: He’s jealous. He doesn’t want you around other guys because he doesn’t want the chance that you might fall for them. At this point he might feel like he will try to win you back. He realizes how easy it would be for someone to take you from him. This a sure-fire way to tell if he’s still into you.

     5. Drunk Texts: if you’re getting those sloppy, 2 am drunk texts he’s thinking about you. The saying “A drunk mind thinks sober thoughts” really comes into play here. It doesn’t matter if he convinces himself all day long he doesn’t like you, when he’s drunk it’s a whole different story.

         What it means: He can’t get you off his mind. His emotions are a mess because of you can he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He can deny it all day long but after that first drink his mind is focused on you. Drunk texts mean he still loves you.

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