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10 Things Better Than Kissing

Heartbroken? Getting out of a relationship can leave you with a numerous amount of feelings. First, you hate them. Completely and utterly hate them. Then you’re thinking about all the amazing times you had together and before you know it its two am and you’re up missing them. Remembering that first kiss is so bittersweet. You can most likely remember every detail about it. What about your last kiss? Did you know that would be the last kiss or did the breakup happen unexpectedly? Kissing is without a doubt amazing. Kissing someone you really have feelings for is ten times better. But what do you do when its two am and all you can think about is just that? Kissing. You think maybe just one last kiss would bring them back. I’ll tell you what I did. I simply made a list. Now, this is something I’ve seen various youtubers doing and I felt it would help. It’s called “10 Things I Like Better Than Kissing”. I know, all you can imagine is kissing them, but trust me this will take you out of that funk that you’re in for at least a little while and make you remember other amazing things that you love too. It can be anything really, even something so seemingly irrelevant that it may not even affect your daily life. Here’s my top ten list with reasons why I chose each one. Hopefully you guys can relate.

  1. The smell of coffee in the morning. Something about waking up and having my house smell like coffee is just the best feeling. I can’t even explain it. I don’t feel like my day has started until I have my coffee. For some reason I just instantly have a smile on my face and I feel like my day is going to be amazing. Maybe I’m just a coffee addict.
  2. Puppies. I think every girl will tell you how much she loves puppies. They’re just adorable. I mean honestly you could be having the worst day ever and they will just come up to you and give you a little kiss and you just instantly smile. They just enjoy making people happy.
  3. Long car rides. One of the best feelings is packing up your suitcase and getting away. My favorite are little mini vacations where you’re just driving in the car for a couple of hours. You have the windows down, music blaring, it’s just a feeling of happiness.
  4. Movie nights. Scary movies in particular. Watching a movie with your closest friends or family is the best. My favorite are the scary movies when you’re all cuddled together, your eyes glued to the screen, everybody screaming at the same thing.
  5. Bonfires. Bonfires just make everybody feel so much closer. Roasting marshmallows, playing games, having amazing conversations. You’re warm and toasty, you can almost feel everyone’s happiness as you’re watching the fire slowly die out.
  6. Getting an A on something I didn’t study for. This might sound incredibly nerdy but not studying and getting an A feels great. Whether you were just stressed out and didn’t have enough time to study or you were just too lazy to, when you get that paper back you know there’s a big smile on your face.
  7. Decorating for Christmas. This is one of my favorite holidays. Getting some hot chocolate, decorating the Christmas tree, seeing all the lights, no wonder people say it’s the best time of the year. You can automatically feel everyone’s mood lighten and people just seem happier during the holidays.
  8. Long, tight hugs. I don’t know about you but when I’ve had a stressful, exhausting day and all I feel like doing is crying, hugs are necessary. Just letting someone hold you and letting go of some of that tension you have is important. Sometimes you feel vulnerable doing this and we have to remember that it’s okay to be vulnerable.
  9. Getting dressed up. Going out, even if it’s just a night with the girls, is exciting. My favorite part is getting dressed up. I always say the longer it takes to get ready, the more fun you’re gonna have. I’m one of those girls who blares music, takes an hour to put on makeup, and changes her clothes 50 times. That feeling of excitement though, nothing can replace it. If you decide to look your best and feel confident nothing can stop you from having an amazing night out.
  10. Long conversations. Have you ever stayed up late with someone just talking? The conversation could go from “How was your day?” to “What do you wanna do with your life?” in seconds. I believe staying up late with someone, whether it be on the phone, skype, or in person, is the best way to get to know them.


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