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What’s Hot on Itunes? Zella Day’s single ‘Hypnotic’

Alternative, psychedelic beats and faint acoustic permeate throughout the song which is tantalizing. Zella Day has done it yet again with newest single off of the EP titled  Zella Day “Hypnotic”. Her style off of her earlier EP’s  is analogous to that of earlier Lana Del Rey Ballads  such as “Oh Say Can You See” and her rendition of “Once Upon A Dream for Maleficent”. Hypnotic is one of those songs that really makes the audience want to listen on as she describes the idea of being someone with prestige and how alluring and hypnotic that experience would be. All in all if you are one that’s interested in alternative artistry, check out this song as well as a few of her older singles. Below is the audio to “Hypnotic”


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