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Nailed It.

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Whether you know it or not, your nails say a lot about you. You can tell many simple things about your body just by looking at your nails. With that being said here are some tips to keep your TIPS looking nice.

1. Eat Healthy.
You are what you eat. I know its cliché, but in order to have healthy nails and a healthy life you must make sure that you are taking in enough nutrients. Your nails are a direct product (or excess) of what you are eating, if your body is deprived of these nutrients, your nails will suffer. Try eating foods such as fruits, nuts, veggies, and protein to make sure that your nails are thriving.
2. Stay Hydrated.
Another very important thing that goes hand and hand with eating healthy, is staying hydrated. Water makes up approximately 70-75% of our bodies. With that being said, it is important to stay hydrated in order to be healthy. Water also provides moisturizing benefits to our hair, skin, and nails. So make sure that you’re turning up on that water.
3. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture.
Moisture is very important to the health of our nails. Moisturizing your nails helps to create a healthy environment for our nails to grow and thrive. Moisturizing also helps the cuticles (skin around the nails) to remain soft. So when you are going through your day to day activities be sure to use a nice hand butter, or cream to keep those nails nice and beautiful.
4. Trim/File.
About once a week take about twenty minutes to sit down and examine your nails to make sure that they are nice and neat. It there is any splitting or breaking be sure to trim them down and make sure that they are nice and neat. In addition, make sure that your nails are not getting too long and that they are at a comfortable length that is conducive to your environment.
5. Nail strengthener/ Hardener.
Last but definitely not least, be sure to add a nail strengthener or hardener to your nails. This can help to protect your nails from breaking and cause them to grow longer and stronger. Be sure to follow the instructions that are listed on the bottle to get maximum results.

What are your nails saying about you? Use the hashtag #EEMNailedIt to let EEM see how your nails are doing.

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