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Thirst vs. Courtship

In today’s generation, many of us do not know the difference between someone acting “thirsty” or simply displaying interest. We often mistake the two which sometime’s allows us to miss out on a really good companion. It is time for us to shift our mindsets and realize that just because someone is expressing their interest, that does not mean they are acting “thirsty.”

So, what exactly is the difference between the two? When someone sends you text messages to say good morning or to strike a conversation often, this does not mean he is excessively craving your attention. He could genuinely like you and want to keep in constant communication with you to see if it can lead to more. He may be the type to send you flowers or any other sweet gesture “just because,” but why does this have to be an act of thirst? Why can’t he just simply want to brighten your day and show you that he is making an effort? black-woman-rejecting-man

Now, if he is overdoing everything, then it might be a case of thirst. If he sends multiple messages when you do not text back fast enough, he is slightly overdoing it. If he is constantly in your face demanding your attention, this constitutes as being thirsty. When a guy is always doing immature things in order to grab your attention, this is far from him trying to show his like for you. He is clearly doing way too much to make you notice him.

As ladies, we must be able to distinguish between the two or else we will get them confused with one another. There are a lot of guys who just simply want to “court” a girl rather than be desperate for her attention.

Michaela Carter, Associate Editor

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