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Networking: The Golden Ticket to Success

We all have heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” a few times in our life. While what you know is equally important in my opinion, I have also found that who you know helps a great deal as well. I often noticed that in today’s world, your educational background comes second to who you are acquainted with in a particular field. I am not saying that I agree with this concept, but it is the reality of how the world works. People are now more concerned with who wrote your letter of recommendation rather than what’s on your actual resume.

Networking is essential when it comes to being successful in any career field. It’s even helpful when participating in organizations. Take advantage of the networking opportunities you have in college because starting early will help you later on down the line. You never know, that girl that you set by on the shuttle heading to class could be the next CEO of a company that you are dying to work with. RightNetworkingPartners

Networking does not have to be done strictly at events and it does not always have to be formal. Striking conversation with a guy in the bookstore is still considered networking. He can turn out to be someone you have a lot in common with or even just a great study buddy. The point is, use every opportunity that you encounter to meet someone new. Your classmates, professors, guests that come to your campus, and others may just be the contact that you need to reach a higher goal.

The next time you pass up an opportunity to create small talk with someone, think about this. Every person you meet has could potentially be someone who can put you on the right path to success. Stay in school and strive for academic excellence. Gain lots of experience while in school as well. However, do not forget to network along the way. Who knows, you could be standing next to your future right now!

Michaela C., Associate Editor

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