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What’s Your Love Style?

Love, in and of itself, is very complex. Love is defined in different ways. Love exists in different ways. Love is expressed in different ways.

Often, many of us get frustrated in our romantic relationships without realizing that our idea of love is completely different from how our partner shows and wants to experience love.

Below are the six most common love styles. These definitions could explain why your significant other wants to be around you all of the time, or why they take forever to text you back.



This love is a passionate physical and emotional love. (Think lust and erotic desire.) This love deals with physical attraction and the need to satisfy, create sexual contentment, security and aesthetic enjoyment in the relationship. It’s the heated, romantic kind of love usually found at the beginning of serious courtship and relationships.



This kind of love is about companionship. The ideal situation is finding activities to participate in together, and seeking fun and excitement for one another. It’s about having having a playmate: someone to accompany you on life’s adventures. Think in terms of non-exclusive dating; Love is a game, and there are more than two players.



This love defines affection that slowly develops from friendship. (Think “taking it slow.”) The bond is created through similar interests and getting to know one another over time. This eventually leads to a strong partnership, lasting commitment and familial support.



This love is a love that is driven by reciprocity, as in, “I can do this for you; what can you do for me?” Often, this love creates relationships based on money, business or working toward a common goal. In other words, those who adhere to this kind of love think in terms of what’s practical, logical or makes sense for their personal or family goals. It has nothing to do with feelings from the heart.



This love is strictly romantic. It’s about feeling a deep, spiritual connection to someone. Present in long-term relationships, this love focuses on the highs and lows of the couple, their significance in each other’s lives, and the “special place” they have in one another’s heart. People who have this type of love may also be obsessive, possessive and jealous in the relationship.



This kind of love is unconditional love. Whether or not the love is ever reciprocated, the person who subscribes to this method continues to give without expecting anything in return. They may never benefit from giving this love, but it doesn’t stop them.


Do any of these resonate with you? What’s your love style?


Raena, Editor-in-Chief 


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