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Bart Baker’s ‘Anaconda’ Parody: What’s Wrong With It?

500x500It’s been more than a week since Bart Baker released his ‘Anaconda’ parody via YouTube. Captioned as his “favorite parody to date,” the video actually exposes his amusement in slut-shaming.

People have been posting and sharing the parody video all over social media with obvious disgust at the many inaccuracies and social injustices of the song. So exactly what is wrong with the parody?

The content of the video can be analyzed from different angles:

a.) The humiliation and degradation of the Black woman

Yes, Black women are known for having big butts. Who doesn’t know this already? But to go as far as saying that a Black woman’s rear end is her “greatest asset” is pathetic. I won’t give a history lesson today, but I think I speak for a vast majority of Black women when I say that we are human beings, not objects. Furthermore, expressing our sexuality doesn’t make us any more inferior than the people who shame us for it.

Honestly, the Black woman who even agreed to portray Nicki Minaj in this parody ought to feel disgusted with herself… Unless, of course, she’s a Nicki hater. But that still doesn’t justify the fact that she willingly participated in shaming another Black woman.

b.) The humiliation and degradation of women PERIOD.

I’m sure Nicki Minaj isn’t the only woman who has had plastic surgery, and plastic surgery isn’t a “Black woman thing.” The reasons women surgically alter their appearance are endless; however, it doesn’t make them any less of a woman, and it doesn’t mean that they should be made to feel bad for their choice.

Also, it is not a crime for ANY woman to express her sexuality.

c.) The evolution of entertainment.

You can always tell if a crowd is entertained by a performer based on their reaction. The audience might laugh or applaud, but a performer knows what the people want to see. It just so happens that in this day and age, big butts and twerking are what the people want to see.

Once upon a time, twerking was a “stripper” thing, but now, you can walk into any house party, put on some old Juvenile, and everyone will get low.

d.) The big booty phenomenon.

Think about it: almost everybody on T.V. has a big butt, whether natural or surgically enhanced. Iggy Azalea and JLo recently came out with that “Booty” song (and everybody has been talking about JLo’s booty since Selena.) Beyonce has a fatty. Kim K. has a fatty. Amber Rose has a fatty. Shoot, who doesn’t have a fatty?

The point is, there’s nothing wrong with making a song about big butts. Again, I won’t give a history lesson, but I’m pretty sure big butts were the inspiration behind Bootylicious.

e.) The double standard in the music industry.

Okay. So how come Li’l Wayne can rap about “coconut derrieres,” but Nicki Minaj isn’t allowed to rap about the one she has… On her own body… ? It’s okay for men to say stuff like “bend it over, touch your toes, shake that a** for me” We’ll still dance and download the song. But a woman can’t talk about how she “got a big, fat a**” without being seen as a “slut.” WTF.


I have to agree with the general public. Overall, this song was rude and offensive, and Bart Baker is a misogynistic freak. I don’t even think you can call this a “parody.” I sure as hell wasn’t laughing.

Watch the video below:

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