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Importance of Professional Attire

Throughout your years of being a college student you capture the importance of professional dressing as it sets you aside from the average person. Just by wearing something professional to one of your classes could influence the professors first expression of you. Being professional signifies respect and also your professors will take you seriously as an individual.

What people should understand is that nothing in this world is given to you and in order to stand out you have to be and look beyond the norm. If your school has professional dress days that are during the week you definitely should take advantage of it because it is preparing you for the real world. Most jobs these days require you to come to work in business casual or business professional clothing. For males it would be good to have a black, navy blue, or grey suit. As for females it would be good for you to have a least a black or neutral blazer suit to represent your professionalism. Another good thing to professional dressing is that it opens up doors for job opportunities. For example, you get approached by an employer who is looking for someone to represent their company and just because the way you present yourself he wants to offer you a job. There is an easy job opportunity that you didn’t have to go out an look for but because you were dressed professionally you are able to to take advantage of the opportunity.

The way you dress carries certain messages to those who meet you, which goes back to what I said earlier of how it sets you aside from the rest. Those people you meet will continue the trend of dressing professionally and we will have a mass group of successful looking people.

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– J’quan Freeman, Staff Writer

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