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Mental Fashion Woes

Every girl cares about her first day outfit, whether its two weeks before or the day before, the anxiety is strong in this one. Your brain ceases to piece together outfits, your eyes don’t quite see the colors right, and for some reason it seems like your closet is completely empty.

But, no fear. All of this is totally normal. You just have to know what kind of mental state you’re in, to decide how to handle yourself. All of these states of mind doesn’t mean you won’t be able to reach the finish line to a totally ballin outfit at the end of the day. It just means you care enough to have a mental breakdown, which in my opinion should make others appreciate your outfit even more. You almost lost your marbles over it.

1. Panic: I have to think about classes? Packing? AND CLOTHES? When is the first day? Do I have enough clothes to bring to my dorm? What is the weather gonna be like? Should I bring a jacket on the first day? I don’t have a jacket to go with my outfit? None of my clothes are good enough!!!!!!!…





2. Closet rummaging (destroying): These are all the clothes I own? But this doesn’t go with this…or this…or this. Ugh, fine this button down and these shorts I guess will do. Maybe my shoes will give me better results









3. Phone a friend: What are you wearing? Do you know the weather? I was thinking shorts, but do you think it will be cold in the classroom? Is a dress calling to much attention to myself? Do you still have that bracelet I have borrow?







4. Group shop: I like this, but this would look better on you. But seriously, I’ll borrow it if I ever really wanna wear it.






5. Piecing it Together: Are heels a thing in college? Do people wear them to class or is that just a tv thing? How many accessories does this call for…I don’t want to sound like a coin purse. Will a hat throw off the whole thing. Does this print scream, tacky?









6. Organization 101: Outfits all decided. Am I missing anything? I guess I cleaned out my closet while I was choosing. Wow, it looks empty. I can get some sleep, everything is all laid out and I am at peace.







7. Doubt (Major Doubt): OMG! Why am I still awake? Must be anxious nerves. Is that outfit I chose a good idea? What if that girl I don’t like wears the same thing….WHAT IF SHE DOES?!







8. Euphoria (or Realization): Isn’t everyone freaking out about school tomorrow? Why do I think it’s just me. Geez. What I picked out is fine, better than fine….it is the best outfit in the whole wide world. Maybe it could use a headband..no no headband. Or maybe, another bracelet. NO! no bracelet. I got this.





❤ Allie Mitchell

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