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These Prints Are Made for…


Prints of all kinds have become socially acceptable for some time now. But of course there are those people that think some prints are just to much. When however, any print can be worn, but that print also depends on your body type, where you are wearing the print and how much print you putting into your outfit. The prints you see almost constantly are florals, cheetah/ (animal), or any type of stripes. Taking a stroll outside, you will see various other patterns, such as paisley, geometric, or even color block. Most people are afraid of prints, but sometimes prints can make an outfit easier to put together. IMG_0660

The meaning of that is, that deciding to wear a print first before picking out the rest of your outfit helps you narrow your choices for the rest of what you’ll wear that day. Picking out the outfit and then picking out your print can make for a stressful time, since the print will over power most of your outfit and the fact that you don’t want to look like you have so much going on at one time, making people wonder whether you got dressed in the dark. Recently, the growing sensation of printed pants have gotten through to stores and have become trending. asos-printed-pants-706ssl041311

Not meaning like denim print or jeans at all. The pants that are trending are non-jeans, comfortable pants. These pants allow a chic boho or hippie vibe, while not completely converting you to that style forever. While being comfortable, you also explore a whole new style of clothes and a new way to mix and match. These pants come in styles such as skinny (cinches at the ankles) or flares at the bottom, and also, they come in various patterns and prints, like tribal, large floral, small floral, geometric and animal prints. 

Get to a store and get some now. Get cute and comfortable.

❤ Allie Mitchell

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