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5 Tips That Can Change Your Entire Semester!

Time is winding down and the school year is almost here! Everyone is getting ready by preparing for their dorm room, and deciding what outfits they will rock this year. However, have you considered preparing on a deeper level. This year, try changing your perspective on a few things and you will notice a drastic change in your college experience.

1. Networking is key! Step out of your comfort zone this year and meet tons of new people. Make new friends and build new relationships with people from all types of backgrounds. You will find that the connections you make may help you in the long run. Find people who are also striving for the same goals in life. This will give you the support system that you need throughout this experience.

2. Participate in class. I know we all hate to raise our hand in a lecture hall filled with students, but class participation is actually beneficial. Participating in class will set you apart from others because your professor will notice more than others. This may even boost your grade by giving you participation points. A high grade plus a relationship with the professor, why not answer a question or two?

3. Find out what “secret treasures” your campus has to offer. Take the time to explore your campus and see all of the cool features. For example, even something small as a free printer in a place that you have never visited before can be helpful. See what resource centers are available as well such as Career Services, Student Engagement, etc. You never know what you can unlock with just a little venturing.

4. Develop a routine. We often hear that having a routine lifestyle is boring. However, in college having a schedule can be quite rewarding. Designate specific times for school work, extra curricular activities, and social fun. By sticking to it, your life will be less hectic and you will be able to focus on what’s important.

college_life_is_not_what_you_seem_by_suzumenekochan-d6lm8mt5. Turn down on Friday nights. Yes, I said turn down! Not every Friday night, but sometimes spend your weekend relaxing. With all of your school work piling up, your job taking time out of your week, AND your organizations becoming demanding, it’s important for you to have some down time. If not, you will find yourself stressed and extremely tired. Give your mind and body a break!

Use these tips and I promise you will have a successful school year. Remember, these are your best years. So, do not waste them by not being focused and not enjoying this journey!

Michaela C., Editor of College Life

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