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Social Media Challenges That Will Get You Killed

A pic from the #SelfieOlympics
A pic from the #SelfieOlympics

Who could forget the #SelfieOlympics? Back when tweens and teens were posting pics of them climbing up on their bathroom doors, hanging from them in different poses all over Twitter and Instagram. Upside down, splits, stretching across to the towel rack, etc.–It was all fun and games until a news report announced that a teen ended up falling to his death.

I was a teen once, and yes, there were “challenges” that my peers engaged in. I thought the challenges were stupid then, and I think they’re even more stupid now. But somehow, they still exist, constantly being resurrected by younger generations who think that these challenges are “cool.”

Yes, you only have one life and you want to have fun, even if it means taking risks. However, some risks just aren’t worth it.

There have been a series of aftermath videos that teens have been posting, warning their peers not to do the challenges. The most popular aftermath videos show teens who participated in the Fire Challenge.

Victims of the Fire Challenge talk about how cool they thought it would be and how they were either looking for a lot of likes, bragging rights or how their participation resulted from peer pressure. Now, they are suffering from burn injuries and are wrapped in bandages, forced to spend the rest of their summer break recovering.

Then you have the Sleep Challenge, also known as the Pass Out Challenge and Cloud 9. (Back in my day, it was The Choking Game which has a similar effect, but it’s performed differently.) I didn’t need to watch aftermath videos to know that people can suffer from brain damage, or worse; they may never wake up.

And don’t get me started on the Hot Water Challenge, the Ice Water Challenge, the Condom Challenge, the Pipe Challenge, or that stupid challenge where you have to hold smoke in your lungs for five minutes.

For thrill seekers, daredevils or those who want an adrenaline rush, social media challenges are not the move. Try engaging in an extreme sport in a controlled atmosphere or something.Visit a haunted house. Go to an amusement park and ride a bunch of roller coasters.

Your life is not worth risking for the amusement of the digital world.

Watch this report about the Fire Challenge below.


Raena, Editor-in-Chief

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