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Let’s save lives

I would like to apologise for not posting recently. I have had some personal issues that needed to be addressed.

Many  people have been coming to me with high anxiety issues. however, they tell me they do not like to tell people about their troubles because ‘people don’t care’

This really saddens me. We are all connected with each other but we have never been more alone. The worst part is most of the time conflict starts with misunderstandings and wrong tone of voice.

So I would like to give you all a challenge. within one week go out of your way to help just one person, and make an effort to make people around you smile.

Even if its just saying hello and giving someone a smile. many people who have tried to commit suicide reveal that if someone had shown them care they wouldn’t have tried to commit suicide.

Your smile could save someone’s life.

lets save lives!


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