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“Beautiful Attractive Divas” Giving Our Children a Future!

The non-profit organization, BAD (Beautiful Attractive Divas), is working hard to give our kids a better future! This organization was founded to focus on our female youth that face different unfortunate circumstances such as being placed in foster homes or teenage mothers who live in low income housing. BAD intends to focus on the metro Atlanta area of Georgia for the next five years. During this time, this organization plans to work with government programs to better the living situations of these teen girls. Their goal is to improve over 75% of the female youth that enter this life-changing program.


We had the chance to speak with the CEO of BAD, Naquia Scott. We chatted with her on BAD’s latest project, a school drive.

Everything Exclusive: So, you are the CEO of the non-profit organization entitled BAD which stands for Beautiful Attractive Divas. Can you tell me more about this organization and what you all do?

Naquia Scott: Pretty much, I’m a therapist and when I started BAD in 2012, my whole goal was to mentor to troubled female teens. It’s really starting to take its on life. I’m starting to do other things, but my main focus is to mentor to young girls that are troubled, that deal with sexual abuse, they may have been in and out of the juvenile court system, that go to therapy for such things like ADHD or behavioral problems. So, it’s really a non-profit that caters to a lot of different needs for young girls.

EE: Now about the school drive that you all have coming up in August, what are the details for this event?

NS: This will be the first time I do a school drive. It will be on August the 3rd, that’s on a Sunday. It will be at Infusion Bistro, that’s in Buckhead. I’m pretty much inviting a lot of people. I am sponsoring three families and I just want to help give back to these families. I wanted to help them out before going back to school. A lot of these kids really don’t come from anything and they probably haven’t been given anything besides somebody from the outside like me, doing this from them. So, they’ve really been struggling and I hate to see kids struggle. I counsel two of the families, so I actually get to see hands on what they’re going through.

EE: What was the motivation behind creating this school drive?

NS: Well, the motivation really was because I started BAD in 2012 and so far I’ve done a Christmas drive; this upcoming year will be my third year. It was very successful, so I am still learning about this non-profit. I’m still building and I wanted to add more things under the belt for BAD. So, for the school drive, this is just one of the things that I want to add on, giving back to these families. Next year, I’m going to add on two more things. I want to at least try to have four events each year. The motivation, just like my Christmas drives, is helping families. 

EE: What items are your organization hoping to obtain from those who attend this drive?

NS: My goal is to reach $5,000; that’s my goal for that day. The money will be split between the three families based on their needs. Some families have six kids, some may have three. So, my mind frame is to break it up for the kids. So, that’s my goal, $5,000. If anything more, people are willing to give money; they can give clothes, they can give school supplies. Everything they give will be given to the families. 

EE: I know that during this time, many school drives will be going on in different areas. What sets this school drive apart from the rest?

NS: I could say there will be a lot of celebrities (laughter), but I do have one person that’s really teaming up with me. This is where I originally came up with idea to have it at Infusion. His name is J.J. Hickson and he plays for the Denver Nuggets. He is going to be a really big contributor. He’s a really good friend of mind; he’s like my brother from another mother. He’s just a great person and he’s big on donating. So, he’s going to be one of the persons that I think will make people want to come out. Like, okay, we have a NBA player contributing and he will be there. I have another good friend, Chanita Foster. She has her own non-profit called Beyond the Game and she gives a lot back to the kids in Africa. She used to be on Football Wives when it originally came out. I have another good friend, Sabrina, who is the founder of Glam Bar. Even though she won’t be attending, she’s going to promote it. I have a lot of people that’s going to promote it, big names and I think that’s going to bring a lot of people out. 

EE: It sounds like your organization has a lot of experience with coordinating major events like this. What other events have you all hosted?

NS: Well, it’s still building so like I said, I started in 2012 so it’s still like a baby to me. Actually, next year I will be changing the name to, instead of “Attractive Divas,” it’ll be “Beautiful Ambitious Divas.” This non-profit is blowing up, it’s building up and my Christmas drives have been fantastic. This will be the first school drive and next year I’m planning to do a prom. Also, I want to do a makeover for kids that have been bullied. 

EE: I personally will not be in town August 3rd to attend this event. So how can others like me, who will not be there, still give back to support this cause?

NS: I’m definitely going to have something set up online coming up soon on badivas.com. That will be up shortly; where people can actually go online. If not, you can still mail in; the address will be on the site as well. Also, if you can’t donate or you’re not in town, I would love for people just to promote it on their Instragram and other social networks you use to just invite people to come out and that could be a big help as well. 

EE: Can other people who are not a part of BAD volunteer at the event?

NS: Oh, most definitely! As far as volunteering, they can just put it on their Instagrams or come out and get people to donate. That’s really big to me right now, so I’m not going to turn away any help. It’s going to be a big day! We’re going to have a pink carpet instead of a red carpet because my colors are pink, black, and white. If you want to help, you can hit me up on my Instagram @ilovebadivas and contact me that way. I have my information on the site, they can contact me through my email as well, beautifulattractivedivas@gmail.com.

EE: Is there anything else that you would like to add about the program or why the community should participate in this school drive?

NS: I just want everybody to come out. This is my baby, this is my heart. One of the families that I am sponsoring is living out of a van. They can only get a hotel room if they are able. In another family, the child has been having seizures lately and they just found out it’s something dealing with her brain; she’s going to have to have brain surgery. The third family has a grandmother who is raising all of her grand babies because some of the kids’ parents are in jail or on drugs. These families are well-deserving families; they are not just some people that are just living off of the government. These people are really struggling and they really need that help. I’m just hoping that the community can come together and help out. If not with my organization, they still can help someone out or go out and buy somebody a book bag or some outfits for school; anything can help. 

To find out more about this organization and how you can participate in this school drive, visit BAD online at http://badivas.com/ or follow them on Instagram, @ilovebadivas. Do not let this great opportunity to better someone’s future pass you by! Our children are important, so come out on August 3rd to the Infusion Bistro in Buckhead to show your support!




Interview conducted by Michaela C., Editor of College Life 

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