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Top Skin Care DON’TS

photo (41)You only get one set of skin.  Human skin is flexible and it regenerates, but there’s only so much it can take.  We go through so much to keep our skin in tip-top shape but sometimes we forget the little things.  Take note of these commonly made mistakes that take a huge toll on our skin. 

Too much sun and not enough sunscreen:  Dermatologists have reported that the sun’s rays have regenerative effects on the skin.  However, when the skin is exposed to too much sun, skin cells regenerate too quickly and in turn cause skin aging and even worse, skin cancer.  Also experts say that we need at least one ounce of SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to effectively protect our skin in the sun.  Most people don’t apply this much.  It’s recommended that the average person double the amount of sunscreen they use to ensure the skin is protected. 

Smoke:  Most of our generation has learned about the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes since elementary school.  However, smoking can have adverse effects on the appearance of your skin as well.  Smoking can make skin look tired, dull and weak.  It can also cause the skin to yellow, interfere with its blood supply and the skin’s healing process. 

Overdo it:  Over scrubbing, too much product, and doing complex procedures without the help of a professional all fall under one issue; doing too much.  Your skin is a complex organ system that often fixes its self.  Don’t fix what isn’t broken.  When washing your face don’t roughly scrub your face, wash in gentle small circles.  Don’t use too many harsh cleansers too often, a gentle scrub once a day gets the job done.  If you, and a licensed skin professional, decide that a chemical peel is right for you make sure you enlist a professional to perform this procedure. 

Neglect your beauty sleep: “Beauty sleep” isn’t just a catchy phrase we use.  Your skin naturally repairs itself and rejuvenates while you sleep.  However, a lot of us do not get enough sleep.  Make sure you are getting a full seven to nine hours of sleep otherwise your skin will look tired, lifeless and the appearance of dark circles around the eyes will be exaggerated. 


Brandi Giles

Editor, Health & Beauty


Source: http://www.webmd.com/beauty/skin/how-to-wreck-your-skin?page=3


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