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Beauty Tools Every Woman Should Have

When it comes to hair and make-up, tools can make a huge difference in the results you get.  You don’t need to have every makeup brush and hair product ever made to get the results you desire; you just need a few staple items.  Here’s my list of hair and make-up tools you simply HAVE to have in your beauty arsenal.

Kabuki Brush

tumblr_mbae7gUQ1W1qdetvy (1)If you use powder foundation this brush is a must have!  Kabuki brushes flawlessly buffer makeup on your face.  No caked up make-up, no uneven application.  You can spritz it with water if you want a dewy effect and you can even use this brush when you are done with your overall make-up application to finish your look.  This is also a great brush for translucent powder and touch ups.  Want one without the huge price tag?  Elf is a great place to look with brushes starting at $1.

Razor Comb

razor combThis is a must have tool for anyone who wears weaves or makes u-part wigs.  This should never be used on your real hair, immense damage will follow.  But when you need to revive an old weave or old bundles this is your best friend.  Razor combs make amazing layers and help create the perfect styles that frame your face perfectly.  If you want to try cuts at home this is the perfect tool as well.  It’s easy to use when you want to turn a long weave into a cute, sassy bob.

“Dupe” Make-up Sponge

soniakashuk_beautysponge2So I actually have no idea what this thing is actually called but the version Ulta sells is called the Dupe so let’s just go with that.  Now I only found out about this miracle make-up sponge when a make-up artist used it to apply my liquid foundation.  It was like an epiphany.  I don’t know how I survived without a Dupe in my life for so long.  To use it, you submerge it in water until it expands and ring it out so that it’s only a little damp.  Then place a pea sized amount of foundation on the back of your hand and dab the flat portion of the dupe in the product.  Then in gentle dabbing motions apply the foundation.  This tool not only applies liquid foundation flawlessly but it also helps your foundation last longer by making the most out of small amounts of product.  No more caked on make-up, the Dupe is a GODSEND.  Don’t spend an arm or leg on this however; I got mines from an Atlanta beauty supply store for $3.

BB Crème

black-radiance-bb-cream-display-walgreensSo when BB Crème first hit the market shades were really limited and only one drugstore brand sold it.  Now everyone seems to be coming out with their own version of the miracle product which makes it more affordable and easier to obtain.  Maybelline, Smashbox and even Garnier have BB Crème and women of color finally have brands that cater to them with the addition of Iman’s BB Crème and most recently Black Radiance’s BB Crème (which by the way, is the most affordable version of the product I’ve seen yet!).  The reason I say every girl needs a BB Crème is because it’s great for running errands or a day of classes and other instances where you don’t want to look too made up.  Before we had to choose between a clean face and foundation, now we have a happy in-between!  My favorites are Iman BB Crème on a pay day (priced at $20) and Black Radiance during saving periods (priced at $6).

Flexi Rod Curlers

Naptural85_042512_02Flexi rods are a great way to achieve luxurious curls without using any heat.  They come in all sizes and they create strong curls that last with the help of a setting lotion or other styling agent.  They’re also used to preserve curly styles.  Whether you’re natural, relaxed, or weaved up, you should have a box of these in your home.  Start your collection by buying a few packs at a time at the beauty supply store.  Purchasing multiple packs at once can really break your pockets!

Silk or Satin Scarf

DON11066-2TWhile this isn’t exactly a beauty tool, it is a must for any woman of all hair types.  This is especially important for women of color.  Yes, you with the bandana wrapped around your head!  Cotton pillow cases and bandanas can quickly suck in all the moisture from your hair and dry it out.  Make sure to always wrap your hair at night in a silk or satin scarf to keep that moisture where it belongs.  Your hair will thank you for it!


Are there any must have tools you swear by that aren’t on this list?  Share in the comment section below!

Brandi Giles

Editor, Health & Beauty


All images found on Google Images.

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