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Elevation Requires Separation

As a college student, you will find that sometimes you decide to take a different path than your other peers.This is okay! Everyone has to grow at some point; however, you may find that you and those close to you will grow in different directions.

As you transform into the person that you were destined to be, you will see that others may not be the best company for you. It is always important to realize who you should keep in your circle as you experience growth and who you should separate from. We like to hold on to certain people for the simple fact that they are our friends and may have been our friends for awhile. This is not a good enough reason. While you are going through this phase of growing, it is crucial that the people you call your friends uplift you and are just as focused as you are. Anyone who is not on the same mission as you to reach their aspirations in life may hold you back from reaching yours. This is not to say that you should completely cut them off or be rude about it. You will naturally distance yourself from them and you may not even fully realize it at first.

This may seem a little hurtful at first when you realize that you are moving in a different direction than that of someone who you are close to. Even though this may be the case, you should never look back. If someone is meant to be in your life, they will always be there. If not, the both of you will slowly transition into different paths without one another. Try not to see it as a loss, but as a better chance for you to reach your full potential.

It is difficult to process the fact that you may not have your old friends, but this will bring the right people into your life. These people are the ones who share the same ambition as you. These people will encourage you and challenge you to go further when you feel like giving up. This new change in your life is a blessing and should be embraced. Elevation does sometimes require separation, but it also brings new and exciting things to your life that you will always appreciate!

Michaela C., Editor of College Life

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