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Woman Crush No More

Even celebrities get a little parched from time to time. Prime example: Drake.

The Toronto rapper has never been shy about discussing his admiration for some of the women he’s met–remember when we all thought he and Nicki Minaj were actually an item? This time around however, he is using Instagram to share his current woman crush with the world. The special lady? Skylar Diggins, 23 year-old point guard of the Tulsa Shock. Drake has uploaded two pictures of the WNBA player to his Instagram account, garnering a lot of attention especially after his rumored break-up with resident bad gal Rihanna.


Each picture has received over 50,000 likes, but not everyone is feeling the love. Diggins’ boyfriend, Daniel Smith, decided to send a simple yet very clear message to OVO by posting a picture of his own with his lady love and tagging Champagne Papi.

Did things just go from 0 to 100?

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