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Stress of Financial Aid!!

financial aid


Whether your an incoming or continuing student, I guarantee some of you are dealing with this. The stress of having to be put on hold by the financial aid department of your school or them simply just not answering your calls or emails makes you want to pull your hair out. The fact that it already cost so much to go to college puts a lot of strain on us. Also, the fact that you have to meet different deadlines contributes to the stress of it all. We say to ourselves this is the last thing we want to be worrying about because we have better things to worry about like getting through a semester first so we can enjoy a stress free summer.

The truth is we can’t enjoy that stress free summer until we know that we will be enrolled for school the next upcoming semester & financial aid is completed.

Although the stress of financial aid may give us a headache sometimes we need to realize that the financial aid department has thousands of other students to attend to as well. Maybe a good idea would be to get your FASFA done way in advance, then when different deadlines come it wont be as stressful. Usually at the end its only one or two things that need to be verified.

J’quan Freeman, Staff Writer

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