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Summer-Friendly Makeup Tips

111downloadSummer is upon us and depending on where you live you’ve already experienced a few unbearably hot days.  It’s going to be a hot summer and if you like to wear makeup you’re faced with a crucial challenge; how to prevent the dreaded “Melted Makeup Face.”  Here are some tips to help prevent your makeup from melting into your smoothies this summer.

  1. Use primer.  A lot of people don’t use primer before applying foundation and this step is crucial to keeping foundation in its place.  Use an oil-free primer and apply it to moisturized skin before applying foundation.
  2. Switch from foundation to a BB Crème.  I get it, you want full coverage.  However, a full face of foundation on a 90 degree day in July is asking for trouble.  BB crèmes are much lighter and most even double as sunscreen.  Hide trouble areas with a dense, cream concealer.
  3. If you must use foundation, use a damp makeup sponge to apply it.  Apply it very lightly and use short strokes.  The less you put on the less there is to slide off.
  4. Use a makeup setting spray.  After you have applied all of your makeup, use the spray to give your makeup a finishing touch and to keep everything in place.  I recommend Mac Cosmetics Fix+.
  5. Use smudge-proof product when filling in eyebrows.  Melting eyebrows has to be the worst case scenario of the summer.   I recommend using Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade to fill in brows.  Its highly pigmented and a little goes a long way.  Also it doesn’t smudge at all.
  6. Use creamy eye shadows.  If you must wear eye shadow, use cream products instead of powder.  Powder and sweat do not mix well.
  7. Use liquid liner only.  Liquid liner, as opposed to a pencil or cream, won’t budge no matter how much you sweat.
  8. Dust your face with a translucent powder to reduce shine.  Because it doesn’t have a color it won’t pose a problem in the heat.  Use a light hand when applying.
  9. Carry wet wipes or oil blotting sheets with you throughout the day.  This way you can refresh and blot away problem areas with ease.
  10. Less is more.  This has always been a good rule of thumb when applying makeup but during the summer this rule is LAW.  The key to preventing a melting face is not applying too much makeup.


Brandi Giles

Editor, Health & Beauty

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