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The Stress Factor

As a college student, stress is bound to occur. As a human being, STRESS IS BOUND TO OCCUR. We always see articles and blogs on how to prevent stress, but do you know what you are actually preventing? Stress is more than just an emotion that is felt when you are under pressure about a certain situation. Stress alone can cause so many other issues that we fail to acknowledge. These issues can diminish your health and your well-being. It is time to take stress-prevention seriously.

Let’s say that the end of the year is approaching and you have finals coming up. You are under pressure to have excellent grades at the end of the semester. Your family is also dealing with several conflicts that is taking a toll on you. On top of that, your roommate situation is only getting worse. You feel like EVERYTHING is coming at you at once and it is too much to bear. This is a normal scenario for any college student; however, this is a type of situation that can cause a student to have a severely high stress level. Little do most students know, this leads to other health issues. High blood pressure, headaches, heart problems, and depression are just a few. Some abnormal results of stress include: diabetes, arthritis, and even skin problems. Stress can also lead to emotional disorder for a lifetime.

This information is not meant to frighten you, but to make sure that you are informed about the seriousness of stress. A little anxiety and stress is normal when a hectic or emotional circumstance occurs. However, you should not let this feeling be continuous. Long-term stress can lead to other factors that can affect you for a lifetime. As a college student, it is important to maintain good health. An important step to managing your health throughout college, as well as life, is to keep your stress level very low. You will find that using different stress management techniques will not only improve how you feel emotionally, but it will also make a major difference in regards to your health. Your health comes first!

Michaela C., Editor of College Life


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