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There comes a time in any fashion lovers life when the same old style and designs just aren’t enough. But just as easily as that time comes around, the time for new prints comes around. Yes, some prints aren’t for everyone. Not everyone’s body type permits certain prints or a print is just to bold and you just can’t see yourself in it. Although, this is the time to come out of your comfort zone and explore the new fashions that are out there.

These new prints are sure to bring out, continue or even enhance your style and confidence:

GEdresses-club-and-party-dresses-too-cool-geo-print-mini-dress-black-shop-moddeals-1-copyO PRINT

-this print is for people who are not really to into big pops of color (just yet. You have to try it sometime people), but still want a little pattern in their wardrobe.







-no worries, you don’t have to be interested in art to want to rock this. Just find your favorite show, music, food…whatever..and make that your design. Done.converse-all-star-pop-art-lichtenstein-blogSome of the pieces are actually pretty epic and worth a look.


-the swirls, the soft colors/mixed with the dark colors to make something incredible. This prints can be rocked any sort of way. There isn’t one right design of watercolor.

It is literal art in fashion form. Then again fashion in my opinion has always been an art form.





-this look isn’t exactly new, but the way the patterns are brought AB177H-ST7A1-2together and the boldness of them are new and improved. No more than 3 colors, if you are interested in the more busy patterns.






Allie Mitchell ❤

One response to “Printastic”

  1. Nice post…. I have a tendency to only wear muted colors (brown,black, dark blue…), this was a reminder to branch out and set my style on fire…. thanx.

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