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In today’s society, there are more students emerging into the world of politics. There are a number of students who have the hope to become a governor, a senator, or even the next Barack Obama. With the world of politics becoming so much more diverse, one would notice that there are now politicians that are not only from different backgrounds, but also of ALL ages. We are so familiar with older politicians that we tend to forget how eager our young adults are to make a difference in the world.

The Georgia State University Student Government Association Candidates

So, where do you start? A rising number of college students are becoming more involved in government related organizations. The most well-known government organization is the Student Government Association. This organization, along with a few others, is found at the majority of all colleges and universities. Other students are able to find many internships in the field of politics and government. Students intern at their state’s capitol, in government offices, on campaign teams, etc. There are many opportunities for students to shadow those who are in this profession. You will also find that students work to improve their political skills by joining debate teams, attending public speaking classes, and are involved in other organizations where they choose to run for a position.

With all of these chances for a student to develop in a politician, one should not be surprised at the number of young adult politicians in society. Never underestimate a young student government officer just because of their age and experience level. You may be looking at the future President of the United States of America.


Michaela C., Editor of College Life

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