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How Does A Flight Just Disappear?

Well, that’s what happened when Flight MH370 went missing. When it took off from the Malaysian airport, no one thought this might be a possible terrorist attack. I have been watching CNN, and their suspicions have been constantly changing from someone taking over the flight from the cabin or the captains commandeering the flight path themselves. No one will really knows until the flight actually turns up.

According to the pings from the flight to the satellite, the plane made a huge U-turn and didn’t go to its original destination. From there, it continued flight for another 6 hours hours, and that’s the last anyone has heard from it. Families are in distress as the word of the whereabouts of the plane keep constantly changing. Some blame the Malaysian government for withholding information originally, but everyone is always looking for someone to blame in a terrible case like this.

For more information, visit Mirror.Co, where they give you updates by the hour. Stay tuned.

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