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Valentines Day or Single Awareness Day

We all know that certain day is coming up..Feb. 14th. If you have a significant other or you are celebrating/wallowing in your single swag, you can do either one and look fabulous while going about it. I want in this particular article to address both sides of the story. So let’s start with the simplest. Valentine’s day.

This all depends on where you are going, the weather, and of course what you feel most comfortable with. (pretty simple, i’d say) There are some questions that most girls tend to ask themselves when this occasion comes up.

– is the restaurant fancy or casual?

– if you are walking there..heels or no heels?

– short/medium/long dress?

– are jeans to casual?

I would clear most of these questions up before choosing an outfit (duh!)..who wants to spend money on an outfit that you eventually decide not to wear. It’s always good to always have extras that you can add to an outfit. Such as a jacket for that dress, or leggings.

















Now, lets take a turn to the seemingly overlooked single people. Now listen, just because you’re single, does not mean that you have to sit in bed, with a tub of ice cream, watching old romantic comedies (or for some of you, slasher films). It just means that get some friends together and go out. Go out to dinner, bowling, the movies, and if you want to eat ice cream..at least don’t do it alone. :p

– account for the weather

-choose something that says i have #singleswag

– at least be festive..wear a pink or red..just because you are single, doesn’t mean you have to mourn the day

– heels or no heels? if you are going out to dinner, make sure you know if you guys are trying to be fancy.









Cute-Outfit-Ideas-22-02 gray-gap-jeans-red-jcrew-sweater-black-primark-bag-gold-sorrelli-bracelet_400








And just for you guys..here is a little something that can work for either occasion. 🙂

boohoo Lulu Striped 3 4 Sleeve Fit And Flare Dress

Allie Mitchell ❤


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