Everything Exclusive Magazine:

Sweaters and Skirts?

So obviously you can tell what the topic is going to be for this article. But the idea is not to talk about the two articles of clothing separately but to talk about them together as one set outfit. Most think that the two pieces are meant to be used separately. Sweaters in the winter and skirts in the summer/spring. Although, if done right, both items can be worn at the same time and make quite an awesome fashion statement. Don’t let this cold weather kill your vibe. You have that cute skirt in your closet…i know you do. The idea is to make sure there are no pattern clashes and that everything besides actually outfit is on point as well. The “everything else” meaning the jewelry and shoes or leggings or no leggings. Who’d a thought so much effort was put into one particular outfit. Of course like i always do, here are so ideas of what I’m talking about.

You can go for preppy, elegant, punk, boho, etc. This choice of outfit has literally no limitations.

m38eoc-l-610x610-sweater-clothes-dress-blouse-white-skirt-outfit-girly-grey-jumper-skirt-grey-chill large c64592e621bf750be4a4ae2d53c74d1e outfit-comic-sweater-black-skirt-710x1065

 The whole idea is to dress the way you feel most comfortable. Your mood always sets the outfit in my opinion. And hey, always layer it with a cute jacket, just to give it that little bit of extra. 🙂

Allie Mitchell ❤

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